Gracious Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) forgave her husband, Andy Hui (許志安) for having an extra-marital affair earlier and said: “Nobody is perfect! We must not give up and correct each other!” As the birthday of Sammi and Andy happened to be in August, they travelled to England together on 1st August 2019 after her concert. Dicky Cheung (張衞健) and his wife, Jess Zhang (張茜) followed along and it is believed that they are visiting Mark Lui (雷頌德) who currently resides in England.

On 2nd August, an Apple Daily HK (蘋果) reader, Ms Sun (孫小姐) reported through (爆相爆片) that she discovered Sammi and Andy arrived at London, Heathrow Airport around 9pm on 1st August based on UK time zone (4am based on Hong Kong time zone on 2nd August). Despite the 12 hours flight, Sammi remained energetic and Ms Sun said: “Sammi applies very thick make-up and it is unsure if she has it throughout or before alighting. They are very close and Sammi keeps holding Andy’s hand tightly until reaching the immigration counter. Jess has no make-up and walks separately with Dicky after some distance. Sammi and Jess keep talking continuously.”

As the plane consisted of mostly foreigner and elderly passengers, Andy removed his mask and talked to Sammi in a relaxing manner. After collecting their luggages, Andy and Dicky went to buy coffee while the women sat down to chat. Another reader, Mr Zhang (張先生) exposed that Sammi and Andy were supposed to sit separately but Dicky and Andy acted as a gentleman and gave their seats to their wives in the first class. Both guys sat in business class as a result. At night on Instagram, Sammi shared her selfie wearing a leather jacket and drinking coffee and said she needed a good rest.

Apparently, London is her first stop and Sammi visited Mark and his wife, Jade Lui (梁家玉). On 3rd August, Jade uploaded two photos of Sammi and herself smiling and the background was suspected to be Mark’s flat in London. She left a message: “Love my sister’s series 1! Welcome to UK! I love you gals so so much! Never talk enough, laugh enough or love you enough! Best sisters forever!”