Grace Chan (陳凱琳) gave birth to a baby son, Rafael Cheng (鄭承悅) in February 2019 after marrying Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). Despite hiring a foreign maid, but Grace continues to handle every matter personally and take care of her son, other than attending activities at times.

Grace turned 28 years old in end June and celebrated her birthday in overseas. Subsequently, she looks after Rafael in Hong Kong again and was dressed up casually when walking to a nearby supermarket with her maid a few days ago.

5 months old Rafael was in the baby pram and kept looking at Grace while pushing it. As the supermarket was in the shopping mall, Grace looked at the maid whom helped her to carry the baby pram when taking the elevator. It was obvious that Grace had put in full strength and started to have difficulty after a short while. She used additional force again but ended up in an awkward predicament.

After entering into the supermarket, Grace and her maid browsed the frozen meat section first and discussed together. Subsequently, Grace looked at the vegetables by herself and met up with her maid at the dried food area. Both chose the eggs together and Grace looked at the diapers immediately once discovering the promotion. Rafael looked at everywhere with a curious expression while they were taking the diapers. After 30 minutes later, both pushed the shopping trolley and baby pram and returned home thereafter.