Other than the procession at Tseung Kwan O on 4th August 2019, there was a gathering at The Extension of Island Line to Western District (港島西) and somebody even dashed out to the road around 7pm.

Upon the arrival, the reporters saw Denise Ho (何韻詩) who disclosed she reached around 6pm and saw somebody dashed out to the road not long after: “I follow the crowd to the same direction and see if they need any assistance. I see many people and their families too.” Although the gathering was at Belcher Bay Park (卑路乍灣公園), but the police had released tear gas grenade at Queen’s Road West (皇后大道西) and Denise said: “Heard that the police had released tear gas grenade and hopefully nobody will be arrested again. We understand the cops do not want to let go of any suspects but they did arrest the wrong people though. It is very sudden every time and I am staying with the crowd.”

When mentioned about the police used tear gas grenade to the protestors at Wong Tai Sin (黃大仙) on 3rd August, Denise felt furious and said: “I could not sleep and watch the live news until 3am to 4am. The cops are irrational and even arrest the innocent citizens including when some people passed by last week. It is evident that they do not follow the procedures when controlling the riots and I saw the police used pepper spray to the reporters. Despite getting used to it, but must we accept it? It is definitely no. The police force is a disciplined uniformed group and how to convince the public to accept their actions? It is impossible to make the citizens to stay at home.”

Revealing about the strikes on 5th August, Denise said: “I remember I went on work strike since beginning of June and it can make the government realise the pressure of the economy and operations in the society. It does not matter if you are a low ranking staff in the company as it stands for unity. We should stop buying and differentiate a big organisation, and not patronising a small shop only. There is many methods and we might not pay taxes in the future.”

In addition, Gregory Wong (王宗堯) joined in the gathering at The Extension of Island Line to Western District on the same day. He accepted a telephone interview from Apple Daily HK (蘋果) around 7pm and said: “The roads are closed and I can see white smoke ahead.” Gregory then ended the call abruptly.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190804/59896920