Hong Kong protests continue until now and it was marching at Tseung Kwan O on 4th August 2019. The citizens set off from Po Tsui Park (寶翠公園) and the final destination was at Hong Kong Velodrome Park (單車館公園) in Tseung Kwan O. As the netizens boycotted TVB for reporting the news in a biased manner and despite passing by TV City, but some netizens urged everyone not to surround the television station during a group chat on 3rd August. They also exposed the departments disallowed the staff to return to the company and that person would be suspicious if refused to obey the rule.

An insider spilled the beans and said on 3rd August: “The company disallowed us to return to TV City on the following day and that person is considered suspicious if going back to the firm. I heard the studio rooms are closed and there is no shooting at all, but uncertain about the news department though. Anyway, there is a news branch in Causeway Bay and TVB will be planning an ambush. It is pointless to surround TV City as nobody including the senior management will be around.”

It becomes a heated discussion among the netizens immediately and they doubt the information source: “The company should issue a black and white memorandum since it affects many staff. Let us see the notice first.” Another person suspected to be a TVB staff uploaded photo of the notice pasted at TV City entrance on 28th July and left a message: “Although the protests took place in other places on that day, but the company is closed and most staff are not required to go back on 4th August.”

Around 12pm on 4th August, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) noticed the staff entrance at TV City was closed and the gate for the vehicles was shut down halfway. When the reporters asked the 3 guards whom were guarding the back gate, they said: “Nobody comes back to work today.”Based on understanding, there were around 100 staff working in the news department as usual and several reporters were working outside. Some employees in TVB news department said: “There are some people working.” Mark Po (李寶安) replied to Apple Daily HK: “Please refer to our PR for small details. Thank you.”

In addition, TVB had informed the staff not to report to work verbally on 3rd August and they were forbidden to enter and leave the company after 2am. There were a minority of employees continuing to work and the visitors must register with the security guard, before going into TV City. Apple Daily HK witnessed a few backend staff returned to work as well.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190804/59895277