Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) expressed she was invited to a cooking show (30分鐘大放餸) as the celebrity guest during 2019 Sales Presentation (2019下半年節目巡禮) organised by Hong Kong Open TV (香港開電視) on 31st July 2019. She said: “It is quite fun but I seldom cook for my daughter due to my workload. I am clueless at cooking in the past and my culinary skills has improved now.” Shirley specially learned cooking for the sake of her daughter: “I want her to eat more meat as she does not really like any food. Hence, I try to think of different cuisine for her to try and my daughter is my priority.”

In addition, Shirley expressed her desire to film drama again: “I have deep passion in acting and can play many different types of role characters. (Any preferred role character?) Funny and relaxing. I feel like trying comedy series. Because of my busy work schedule, I rarely spend time with my daughter and cannot even take her for a vacation during the summer holidays. She feels unhappy initially but forgets about it quickly. Normally, the mother will miss her child very much.”