Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and her rumoured boyfriend, Samuel Chan (陳思銘) turned up at the press release for 2019 Sales Presentation (2019下半年節目巡禮暨記者會) organised by Hong Kong Open TV (香港開電視) on 31st July 2019. Checking if he would ask Natalie to support him as it was his first time to host a show (男士堂) with Wang Yixing (王貽興) and Scarlett Wong (黃心美), Samuel said: “Not really. It is quite fun and resembles to a student going to the school for the first time. But the staff find it boring as I cause NG frequently.”

Samuel expressed it was normal when both were taken photo of buying groceries together earlier. When asked about the chef, he replied it was a big group of friends. Samuel added Natalie and he were good friends and it was completely fine to have dinner together again.

Mentioning that Natalie was known as the “best girlfriend” (最佳女朋友), Samuel confessed that everyone wished to have dinner with her. Checking if he was worried about the competition, he said: “She is very popular. (Fits your criteria?) I reckon she meets everyone’s expectations in Hong Kong. (Is Kenneth Ma (馬國明) or you are better?) Kenneth plays his doctor role in Big White Duel (白色強人) drama well but I have not seen him personally yet.”