BOYZ group member, Steven Cheung (張致恒) is suddenly pointed as a “love cheater” after announcing his marriage news and becoming a father earlier. His girlfriend, April Leung (梁皓恩) spilled the beans that they had not broken up and issued an online complaint after Steven uploaded his family photo: “When are you going to stop hiding and rejecting the phone calls? All your clothes and shoes are left at my house and where are the love messages? You still owe me lots of money and see you at the hospital, if you are still not calling me!” Hence, she was suspected to commit suicide and the victims called him a liar, and netizens named him as “world jerk” (世紀賤滾友).

Based on an insider’s information, Steven borrowed lots of money from April and both rented a flat at Wan Chai around $15,000 per month, but she paid for the rental by herself. As April’s friend discovered she was in an unstable condition, she had been staying by her side and decided to take her to see a doctor.

Subsequently, a 28 years old woman named Moon came from Dongguan exposed Steven was a two-timer and cheated another two victims of their love and money. As a result, they decided to collect the debts from him together. Other than Moon, Ms S and Ms C begun to date Steven in March and April 2019 respectively. According to Moon, Steven lied to her that he had broken up with April and assumed she was his only girlfriend since he took her to his friends gatherings frequently. However, she started to realise the presence of Ms C in June and Steven explained she had a boyfriend.

In July, Moon discovered the appearance of Steven’s fiancee (雯雯) upon seeing their love online messages. He explained he had a fling with her but she was expecting by an accident and threatened him with the baby. Moon was under the impression that Steven was a victim and even lied to her that the company forced him to break up with her, and bear the responsibility to his fiancee. He also promised he would not marry her but Steven announced the engagement news and became a father instead. Thus, Moon felt furious and decided to contact Ms C and Ms S to spill the beans on Steven.

In addition, one of his ex-girlfriends told East Week (東周) that Steven was a sweet talker and had high sexual needs: “He has high sex drive and needs it anytime.”