Alex Fong (方力申) expressed he would be participating in the swimming charity challenge (香港環島泳45公里慈善挑戰) during the press conference at Tsim Sha Tsui on 1st August 2019. He won supports from his parent, junior, Stephanie Au (歐鎧淳) and the swimming students, and his aim was to raise the donations by providing food and water to 450,000 needy people. Alex also revealed a private message sent by his mother to the organisation committee that she requested to amend the date of the competition in order to ensure the current was not too strong and his son was turning to 40 years old soon. It was a warmth yet amusing scene.

Alex revealed he would be swimming in the sea for practice later and had shot a promotion video clip of himself staying in the water for 2 hours. When asked about his plan to nourish his body, Alex said: “Have to eat something and try different food. Eating rice cannot be change into energy immediately and some people said I might need to pass motion. Peeing in the water is alright but not passing motion.” He added he had additional time to practise because the filming for the drama (衝鋒隊2019) was halted and hoped to set a challenge and become a role model to the students, before turning to 40 years old. Alex believed having determination was very important and his friends and he had raised around $300,000 for the donations online. During the event, the organisation donated a cheque at $200,000  and Alex wished they could raise more than $450,000.