Because of the 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill, the citizens formed protests and strikes in the city on 5th August 2019. As the situation worsened, citizens begun to throw stuff in the police station and the cops used tear gas grenades towards the protesters. As a former police officer before joining the entertainment industry, Wong He (王喜) recorded a short video clip on the same day and urged the public not to surround and attack the police station as it would cause injuries. In the video clip, he said with a serious expression: “I am Wong He and urge everyone to leave the police station immediately, and stop throwing stuff at the police officers. Because they will treat it as aggressive actions and protect the police station by using all means including using guns. You will not achieve any aims and cause adverse effects such as death instead. Please listen to me and leave the police station immediately. Kindly stop throwing stuff to the police officers and leave now.”