Do you remember the child actor, Ho Kin Wai (何健威) who played little vampire in Mr Vampire II (殭屍家族), Mr Vampire IV (殭屍叔叔) movies in 1980s?

Kin Wai joined the industry as a newcomer at 7 years old and his first film was Mr Vampire II in 1986. He then proceeded to film Mr Vampire III (靈幻先生), Miss Magic (靈幻小姐) and Mr Vampire IV movies which left deep impressions to the audiences.

However after his last drama (一夫三妻) in 1993, Kin Wai disappeared in the show business and was rumoured to be possessed after shooting many vampire films. The news became rampant when the cast team and backend staff failed to provide any information. After many years later, Kin Wai suddenly uploaded recent photo of himself and left a message on Baidu Tieba (百度貼吧) which dismissed the gossips.

Subsequently, Kin Wai accepted an interview from Taiwanese media and was shocked that his fans remained concerned about him until now. He explained that he was becoming a teenager and planning for a career switch at the time. Kin Wai also felt embarrassed if he continued to play a vampire and decided to withdraw from the industry. After the graduation, he works as a firefighter and becomes a muscular man. Kin Wai is nearly 40 years old and has a wife and two sons. He is currently living a simple yet happy life.