Steven Cheung (張致恒) was pointed as a womaniser after announcing the engagement news and having a 3 months old son suddenly. His ex-girlfriends including April Leung (梁皓恩), Moon, Ms C and others exposed he was a liar and borrowed money from them without returning. After defending his family on 4th August 2019, Steven made two posts on Instagram and apologised to April on the following day. He said on his first post: “I know that it is bad behaviour and irresponsible of me when I fail to break up with April. All along, she assumed she was my only girlfriend and I admitted that I lied to her and wasted her time and youth. I understand that I do not deserve any forgiveness and still owe her an apology. Sorry April!”

Subsequently, Steven wrote the second post: “There are many negative rumours in the past but this time is different as it affects many people and I feel extremely regretful.

Hence, I would like to make a clarification here:

I indeed lied to all the victims including my fiancee (雯雯) that I had broken up with April.

I admit I was untruthful to my ex-girlfriends that she forced me to marry her by threatening me with the baby but she did not do that at all. I am the one who insisted her to give birth to the baby and she has been a forgiving and tolerating person. Thus, I hope everyone will stop all the unreasonable accusations towards her now.”