Matt Yeung (楊明) ignored Hong Kong strikes and continued to film TVB new drama (網絡騙案) at TV City on 5th August 2019. He expressed he would not join in the strikes and everyone had different choices. One of his principles was to complete his work once making a promise.

Due to the traffic congestion problems, Matt deliberately left his house 45 minutes earlier on 5th August: “I left my house around 4pm and it did not cause much implications. But I feel very heartbroken upon seeing many facilities are damaged as Hong Kong is built for a long time.”

When mentioned about TV City became an “empty city” due to the protests in Tseung Kwan O on 4th August, Matt replied he received the notification several weeks ago as the company was worried about the protests causing problems to them: “It is very chaotic as many incidents happened in Tseung Kwan O yesterday. Hong Kong is very messy today as well and hopefully it will become a peaceful society again.”

Matt added the wrapped up party for the series (網絡騙案) was supposed to hold on 7th August and it was delayed for another 3 days because of the protests: “The filming progress is delayed and I understand it. What matters most is the safety and we should refrain from using violence. Anyway, I feel very heart pain.” He hoped to go for a vacation with his girlfriend, Lisa Chong (莊思明) after wrapping up the drama so as to remain positive.