Anne Heung (向海嵐) was crowned as the champion of Ms Hong Kong in 1998 and established a jewellery business with her good friend at the Central earlier. During a dinner banquet earlier, she wore a pair of jade earrings and ring from her own brand for advertising and it attracted attention from several female guests successfully.

It is Anne’s first time to set up a business and she invested 7 digit with her business partner. She went to the shop nearly everyday and handled the designs and marketing activities personally. Although it was opened for a year, but the responses were satisfactory: “I feel overjoyed when we managed to recover the investment within 7 months. I am very interested in this line, think of registering for jewellery design course and participate in an exhibition.” Despite busy with the business, but Anne remains active in the show business and will be holding a concert with her good friend, Louis Castro (賈思樂) in November 2019. She plans to practise her singing at a later stage.