Simon Yam (任達華) was stabbed by a knife at an event in Zhongshan last month and currently resting at home after undergoing two surgeries at the hospital. On 6th August 2019, his wife, Qi Qi (琦琦) expressed Simon was recovering well and his fingers needed to go for physiotherapy at an activity.

Qi Qi and her daughter, Ella Yam (任晴佳) accompanied Simon everyday and she learned to boil soup for him. Qi Qi described that she provided “five star services” to him and felt elated when Simon gave her compliments.

When asked if her work was affected due to taking care of Simon, Qi Qi said: “My husband is my top priority and I have stopped my overseas work and holidays. It is rare that he has vacation and I must accompany him. (Is he bored?) Nope. We are spending time with him and he is watching films and playing with his dog. Ella and I also cook for him and he feels happy to rest at home.”

Mentioning about Simon’s injury on that day, Qi Qi replied she was the last person to know: “Simon forbade the staff to inform me but his boss, Albert Yeung (楊受成) decided he must inform me as he could only go for a surgery with his family’s consent. At the time, I was in Beijing and was prepared to travel to Shanghai and received a text message when charging my mobile phone halfway. I tried to call Simon and his colleagues and it was engaged but somebody finally picked up the phone. I was extremely frightened upon knowing his injury and must face time with him.”