Chris Lai (黎諾懿) attended baby products exhibition as the spokesperson and acted as a salesman to persuade the customers to buy it on 2nd August 2019. It attracted a big group of fans to take photos together and became a lively atmosphere.

Chris claimed to be the “top salesman” as he used to sell second hand books during his school holidays. As it was harder to sell when compared to new books, he tried to improve his communicate skills and was not afraid of embarrassment as a result.

When many fans asked about the sequel of Who Wants a Baby (BB來了) drama, Chris replied the filming would start in this October and they only used one baby this time. Thus, they needed to spend a longer time to choose an obedient baby. Checking about his baby plan, Chris said: “I am working in overseas frequently this year and wishing to become a father in “rat” year. Hopefully I will have a daughter.” He added his health became poor due to eating durians and seafood lately. Chris discovered his toe nails were swollen upon returning to Hong Kong and it turned out to be hyperuricemia, and he had to restrict his diet now.