Around 7pm on 6th August 2019, an undergraduate, Mr Fong (方仲賢) from Hong Kong Baptist University (浸大學) was arrested by the police after buying a laser pen but the cops classified it as laser gun at Apliu Street (鴨寮街) in Sham Shui Po. Hence, the owner and citizens begun to protest and pointed the police were creating “terrorism”.

On the same day, Wong He (王喜) gave his comments on Facebook: “If this type of laser pen is considered an aggressive weapon, you should arrest all the shop owners selling this weapons? Otherwise, search the whole houses in Hong Kong and arrest all the citizens possessing this laser pen. Is it necessary to do that?”

Subsequently, many netizens posted their messages on Wong He’s Facebook account: “My bag has a folding umbrella and is it considered an aggressive weapon too? Hong Kong citizens are getting helpless and how to punish Hong Kong police force? Hope everyone will show understanding to our brave behaviour as the corrupted cops are provoking the protestors every minute every second. We believe our courage can control our mood.”