Carlos Chan (陳家樂) pick a pair of dragon and phoenix bracelets as the betrothal gift for his sister who would be holding a belated wedding banquet in this October at a jewellery event on 3rd August 2019. As BOYZ concert was cancelled in September because of Steven Cheung’s (張致恒) love affair and it was replaced by Kenny Kwan (關智斌), Carlos replied he would definitely support him personally but not as a guest.

Carlos disclosed the company arranged him to dance together with William Chan (陳偉霆), Dennis Mak (麥子豪), Steven to form the group, Sun Boy’z 10 years ago and he gave up because of his poor body coordination. Carlos said: “The company and I give up due to my poor body coordination. I resemble a crab when dancing and it is best to leave the dancing stage to the real singers. I need to practise for a year if singing and dancing at the same time.”