Steven Cheung (張致恒) is pointed as a womaniser and dated many women at the same time. His image is completely tarnished and he almost ruined his good friend, Kenny Kwan’s (關智斌) dream of holding the concert at Hong Kong Coliseum. Lately, Steven apologised to his old love, April Leung (梁皓恩), Kenny and the company separately and promised to turn over a new leaf. Hence, he had registered marriage with his fiancee (雯雯).

On 7th August 2019, Steven and his fiancee took their dog to a vet and accepted an interview from the media at the street. He said: “I have already said on Instagram and nothing to reply now. (How is your mood?) Hopefully it will become better slowly. (Did Kenny tell you about his concert at Hong Kong Coliseum?) I am aware of it and feel relieved that he is holding the concert.”