In June 2019, 36 years old Ali Lee (李佳芯) posted a message on Weibo: “What is in our inner hearts? It is based on what we have seen. Whenever we feel unhappy or mad at somebody, let’s imagine the width of the road and we try to have less anger and more love in our hearts. The world will also become beautiful and it is not the world that is distorted, but the people.” She also urged people to register for the nationality selection on Instagram. Hence, many Chinese netizens believed Ali supported Hong Kong Independence (港獨) and the 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill. They demanded to terminate her spokesperson identity, boycott Ali and leave China.

On 7th August, Ali replied on Weibo and Instagram: “I feel exhausted as have been filming drama from day to night lately. I feel very heart pain upon seeing disputes and admit I am not good in expressing myself. However, it is getting worse and I decide to make the clarification. When mentioned about Hong Kong Independence, this word does not cross my mind at all and I do not want to see any misunderstandings and conflicts. Hopefully the peaceful Hong Kong will return and there is more love in the society. Thank you to my fans supporting me and people showing concerns for me. I feel touched and fortunate that the public continue to care about me. As an actress, hopefully my loved ones will stop suffering from stress and I will do my part well.”