Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami (村上隆) travelled to Hong Kong lately and held a major art solo exhibition (村上隆對戰村上隆) showcasing more than 60 paintings and sculptures in Tai Kwun Contemporary (大館當代美術館) at the Central.

It attracted Vanness Wu (吳建豪), Amanda S, Andy On (安志杰) and his wife, Jessica C. whom took their 3 years old daughter, Tessa along. In the evening a couple of days ago, Vanness held his goddaughter, Tessa’s hand at the Central and accompanied Jessica to look for Andy who was standing at a far distance. They chatted together for a while and Andy left after that. Amanda then appeared and asked a passer-by for direction and it appeared that they were trying to find the exact location.

Upon reaching the entrance at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Jessica took photo for Amanda and Tessa. Andy carried two cans of beer and gave one to Vanness. He then greeted Amanda in a friendly manner and they went into the venue together. While waiting to go in, Vanness’s male fan recognised him and requested to take photo together. Apparently, Vanness was injured while rehearsing for the dance performance in a Chinese variety show earlier and recovering well after a few months later. Tessa followed her godfather closely and it is obvious that both have close bonding. The group then boarded their friend’s vehicle after staying for an hour.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190808/59879438