TVB has been grooming 37 years old Matt Yeung (楊明) in recent years and My Commissioned Lover (婚姻合伙人) drama starring him the male lead as the first time receives good reviews. He is given the lead role again in the new series (網絡騙案) lately.

It is definite that everyone will grab every opportunity once given. Earlier, East Week (東周) discovered Matt was at a location shooting in the cafe for the drama (網絡騙案) in Kowloon City. He played a cop and did not have much action scenes. However because of the humid weather, Matt kept perspiring and his make-up was melting despite using a mini fan for himself. The make-up artist had to apply make-up for him repeatedly and it is necessary to reduce dehydration in this weather.

The scene illustrated that Matt and his male friend had breakfast together in the cafe and happened to bump into Derek Wong (黃建東) who was in a rush and dropped his phone, and Matt helped him to pick it up. While waiting for the filming, Law Lok Lam (羅樂林) walked past and greeted the crew team. But Matt was completely focusing on the shooting and was unaware of Lok Lam’s presence. As for his fans, Matt acceded to their requests by taking photos together and it is understandable when the popularity of an artiste replies on his/her fans’ supports.