Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) joined Voice Entertainment Group (星夢) in 2018 and was given opportunities to film drama as the male lead. He managed to gain recognition from the public and seldom discusses about political affairs. However in July 2019, Pak Ho urged everyone to vote for the nationality on Instagram and the Chinese netizens pointed he was supporting Hong Kong Independence (港獨豪). The music festival in China then removed his name and songs. Although Pak Ho explained he was sending a reminder as a citizen, but many people refused to believe him and he was forced to make another post again: “I will continue to do my part well. Thank you to the people who understand me and I love you too!”

After a month later, Pak Ho did not update on his Weibo account and some netizens discovered the photo on his Instagram account were missing in the morning on 9th August 2019. They remarked there was no photo upon making an update each time. Around 11am, the photos were deleted until December 2016 and the reporters discovered it was completely empty on his Instagram account at 2pm.

As Pak Ho made a silent move, it frightened his fans and his fan club showed their supports on Weibo: “Our team leader, fighting! You cannot admit failure and you have many people supporting you despite the “attacks”. You knew you will fall down several times and realise the height which you never reach, once standing up.” Subsequently, Pak Ho liked the post at 3am.

Despite the suppression in China last month, but many fans in Hong Kong supported Pak Ho’s old albums and songs which became the ranking chart in iTunes. As for deleting the photos, the netizens suspected he admitted defeat and some believed he was showing his dissatisfactions towards the “white terror” (白色恐怖).

Finally, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) tried to contact Pak Ho and his manager but there was no response and his manager posted a message on Weibo: “He is fine and I am protecting him. Please be obedient and give him some privacy.”