Michael Miu (苗僑偉) joins the show business through acting classes and was known as TVB’s Five Tigers (無綫五虎將) with Andy Lau (劉德華), Tony Leung (梁朝偉), Kent Tong (湯鎮業) and Felix Wong (黃日華) in 1980s. Despite developing their careers separately, but they became good friends and kept in close contact. Lately, Michael collaborated with Andy in the movie and expressed it had been more than 10 years since they worked together. During an interview, Michael revealed they were reminded of the old memories in this reunion: “We have endless conversations and it starts from 40 years ago. We attended the acting classes together and discussed about our experiences as “extra” in the past. During our prime times, we were called five tigers and felt it was fun upon performing somersault and trampoline in the show as youngsters. The television station had 5 dashing guys and the title, five tigers was given by the media.”

When mentioned about his past experiences as a nobody, Michael believed every newcomer encountered ups and downs and it was a necessary stage in one’s life. He revealed everyone would feel scared whenever arriving at the drama set but Andy and Michael created many jokes instead. He said: “Andy and I had many jokes whenever going for stage performances in the US, Southeast Asia and other places. I tended to sing the wrong lyrics on the stage and Andy was clueless about continuing the performance. Anyway, there are many funny incidents.”

Other than Tony, the four tigers met up frequently and at least once every year. Michael confessed he cherished those good old memories: “We will have a reunion dinner every year except for Tony and try to meet up if everyone is in Hong Kong before Lunar New Year. It is rare that we have no conflict in work and argument at all. We seldom get to see each other and will show concern instead of having a dispute.”

As Andy fell down from a horse riding two years ago, his friends including Michael felt anxious and said: “I was very worried about him and visited him at the hospital immediately. Since the injury, Andy knows how to take care of himself well and becomes extra careful even when other actors are filming action scenes.”

In the movie, The White Storm 2 – Drug Lords (掃毒2天地對決), Michael and Louis Koo (古天樂) had many scenes and it turned out that both knew each other when he was doing spectacles business and approaching Louis to shoot an advertisement. However, the film was considered their first collaboration and Louis had many ideas to make the role character realistic at the drama set. Michael said: “Louis will add in his ideas. There was a scene where Louis made a donation and I had to escort him to the charity organisation. He asked if the amount was little when I asked the staff if he needed to. Louis had arranged his staff to bring extra money beforehand and his idea indeed increased humorous effect for the film. The audiences felt relaxing and it left a deep impression as well.” He added working with two movie kings enriched his experiences and could steal tips from them.

Michael usually played a hero in ancient drama and cop in modern series such as The Academy (學警雄心), On the First Beat (學警出更) and Gun Metal Grey (刑警): “I do not mind acting as a cop since the film director feels I resemble a policeman. Honestly speaking, every plot has different characters and backgrounds and it is definite that my first response is playing a cop again upon receiving the script. Thus, I am acting as a policeman all the time and even a Japanese cop, but it is a different encounter this time.”

As an actor, Michael will do his part well provided if there is a good script and role character. It does not cross his mind to play the type of role character and he said: “I do not think too much. I agree to the film director’s request and definitely wish to try different role character, but it depends on the client and director’s decision. I did try other role character in A Change of Heart (好心作怪) drama and it is quite fun though.”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190805/59896476