In July 2019, Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) urged the citizens to vote for the nationality through his Instagram account and it caused dissatisfactions to the Chinese netizens, as they believed he supported Hong Kong Independence. As a result, his work was affected and his name was removed in the music festival in Mainland China. As Pak Ho deleted all his photos on Instagram earlier, it frightened his fans and they suspected he admitted to his mistake.

Pak Ho attended the movie premiere, The Angry Birds Movie 2 (憤怒鳥大電影) at Taikoo Shing on 10th August and informed the media he would not accept any interview the day before. He smiled happily and waved at his fans upon seeing their supports and shared his experience when doing the voice dubbing: “It is a humorous and loyal bird. I do not expect causing many NG this time as it is very funny.”

Lastly, Pak Ho agreed to take a solo photo at the end of the activity. When asked about deleting all his photos on Instagram, he pointed at his own mouth and stood besides his manager before leaving. Pak Ho then held his hands together and said thank you when the reporters asked him again.