Simon Yam (任達華) was stabbed by a knife at a business event in Zhongshan on 20th July 2019 and it attracted attention from the whole world. His wife, Qi Qi (琦琦) revealed he was currently resting at home and recovering well during a beauty activity earlier. On 9th August, Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) shared three photos on Instagram and it turned out that she invited Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) and Simon to the radio show, When I Was Young I Listen To The Radio (口水多過浪花) as the guests and many netizens welcomed to Simon resuming his work.

The new film, Little Q (小Q) starring Simon and Gigi will be airing in Hong Kong soon. Because of the attack last month, Simon is resting and cannot participate in any promotion campaigns. In the photos posted by Carol, he is smiling, appearing radiant and his arm is not covered with bandage. To our surprise, the programme is recorded before his injury and it turns out to be an empty joy.

Carol disclosed the show was recorded one day before Simon’s injury: “We recorded the programme one day before Simon travelled to China and please do not be mistaken that I do not show any concern for him. He did not accept the interview immediately after the discharge from the hospital. Because of his busy schedule, we have to record the show in advance and Simon is indeed brave and calm. He is recovering well.”

Simon and Carol knew each other for many years and it is definitely happy to see their reunion in the programme. She also shared Simon’s experiences when working in England in the past and would go to disco with other artistes after work. Carol chose to watch the music concert by herself and was shocked to see the passport and money were missing, upon returning to the hotel room. She then blamed on Simon for not being thoughtful based on his reaction: “He said he needed to go to his room to check if anything was missing. He was so mean and did not show any concern.”

However, Simon explained he thought in terms of a bigger picture and they would pass their passports to Simon for safeguarding: “It is for her own good. She does not have a copy and everyone places their stuff with me. All of us have passports except for her.” Finally, everybody left England as planned and Carol was forced to stay behind. Although Carol keeps complaining about Simon, but she is very concerned about him and hopes he will have a speedy recovery.