Since the procession started in Tai Po on 10th August 2019, many protestors begun to march into different cities including the tunnel in Hung Hom and drove motorcycles to seal off the road. Subsequently, a video clip went viral and one Cross Harbour Tunnel staff reprimanded the protestors: “I prefer the government to take back the control and you cannot stop me then.” In the same night, Jordan Chan (陳小春) shared a similar video clip on Instagram.

Around 12am, many netizens complimented the female staff in the video clip and some also supported Jordan: “Good! You are right and Hong Kong belongs to China. You can leave and relocate if dislike China! Why are you creating chaos to the remaining Hong Kong citizens?” Yuri Chan (陳蕊蕊) also showed her support.

However, there is a big group of netizens showing their dissatisfactions to Jordan at the same time: “We feel disappointed and you should enrol Jasper in the school in China. Let your son stay in China and be a good for nothing. You should relocate to China with your family and we feel pitiful for Jasper as your son.” Jordan then deleted the video clip after an hour later.