Kelly Cheng (陳慧琳) has been focusing on taking care of her two sons in recent years and expressed she took them to Paris for a vacation during an activity earlier.

Other than taking care of her family, Kelly attends brand and business events frequently. It is normal that she tends to buy beautiful clothes as Kelly loves to look glamorous. A few days ago, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) discovered Kelly’s chauffeur waited for her outside Four Seasons Hotels (四季酒店) at the Central and she appeared in a red top with white vest and pants with her assistant at the lobby after 5 minutes later. Kelly carried a branded shopping bag while her assistant held 4 big bags and passed 2 bags to the hotel valet. As she walked hurriedly, the wind blew towards her and her hair became messy which made her felt slightly embarrassed.

Upon seeing Kelly, her chauffeur got down from the 7-seater vehicle immediately and helped her to place the shopping bags in the car boot. They drove off after Kelly and her assistant boarded the car.