Simon Yam (任達華) was stabbed by a knife at a business event in Zhongshan last month. On 11th August 2019, he appeared energetic but his right arm remained covered with bandage and the movie company arranged two security guards to protect him at the promotion activity for Little Q (小Q) film at a shopping mall in Guangzhou. There were more than 80 guards surrounding the venue to ensure Simon’s safety.

Upon walking into the shopping centre, the security guards stood besides the iron rails on both sides and Simon shook hands with many audiences immediately. Some even shouted: “Simon, we are rooting for you!” He smiled and thanked them thereafter.

During the activity, Simon sat down to accept an interview and tried to find the best position to take photo with the guide dog once appeared. However, there was a sound when the staff took out the cake with baseball design and Simon looked around before saying to the staff: “You are frightening me.” He then assured everyone it was fine and a small problem only.

The press conference lasted for 50 minutes. Simon expressed he chose to shoot Little Q film and decided to resume his work by promoting it as Little Q movie was unique. He seldom talked about his injury and his right arm needed 8 weeks for full recovery. On the stage, Simon felt lucky to have his family and friends accompanying him during the difficult period and it resembled to his role character in the movie that love could overcome all obstacles.

Subsequently during an interview, Simon felt it was full of warmth when his wife, Qi Qi (琦琦) and daughter, Ella (Ella) were taking care of him: “Thank you for the concerns especially to my wife and daughter. I believe spending time with my family member is most important and Qi Qi will cook delicious food while Ella prepares desserts.”