Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) had tanned skin and promoted her new song (包庇) at the radio station on 6th August 2019. She expressed she represented Hong Kong to participate in golf competition earlier and achieve the criteria of a professional golfer: “I can join in professional golf competitions now and hope to compete in the match at Hangzhou in 2022. I should have a high chance if continuing to maintain this standard. In fact, the result is dissatisfactory when participating in the golf competition at Guangzhou in 2010 as I only weigh more than 80 pound at the time. My weight is currently more than 100 pound and hopefully I will show improvements and win an award.” Stephanie emphasised she did not intend to become a professional golfer and singing was her career.

Stephanie added she stayed at home to look after her dog and analyse the culinary skills lately: “Because a charity organisation is currently full, I am keeping Mongrel dog as a pet and it is around 2 months old. Hopefully it can find a nice owner. I learn to cook at home and find my culinary skills is not bad. I used to be hell culinary goddess haha. (Any feedback from your boyfriend, Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘)?) He always gives me positive feedbacks despite an awful taste. My best dishes are beef stew and guacamole. Fred is quite happy and helps me to wash the bowls. He is getting fatter and I am training to control my weight.”

In addition, another singer, Jamie Zhang (章尾而) promoted her new song (寄居生物) at the radio station and the song lyrics illustrated that one must remain positive and humble when encountering ups and downs in one’s life.

Although Jamie is 21 years old, but she encounters failure and feels unhappy and chooses to compose song to forget the unhappiness. When mentioned about her senior, Charmaine Fong (方皓玟) helped her to fill in the song lyrics, Jamie felt happy and said: “Feel elated and it is the first time that Charmaine fills in the lyrics for me. I do not expect to work together with her as the lyrics is completed 6 months ago and Charmaine decided to help me, since the lyrics has flaws. Hence, I leave everything to her.” Jamie also treated Charmaine as her role model and hoped to release an album by end 2019.