One stone stirs up a thousand of waves (一石激起千重浪)! After the incidents with international brands, Versace and Coach, Givenchy (紀梵希) becomes the next suspect to “invade and divide the territories in China” (涉嫌侵犯我國國家主權及領土完整). According to the Chinese media, Givenchy released a t-shirt design and categorised Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and TFBoys group member, Jackson Yee (易烊千璽) issued a termination notice to the company on 12th August 2019, in order to protect his country.

Subsequently, Givenchy posted a public apology on Weibo: “We would like to show our sincere apology with regards to the mistake for the t-shirt design. It will be rectified immediately and served as a lesson to us. All along, Givenchy respects China and sticks to the original principle to protect it.”

Other than Chinese model, Liu Wen (劉雯) terminated the collaboration with Coach, other Chinese artistes including Guan Xiaotong (關曉彤) and Ren Jialun announced they had stopped working with the same brand company. Finally, Coach had removed the suspected product in every country and emphasised it respected and protected China all along.