Charmaine Li (李思欣) shared her beauty secret with the radio programme host at Metro Broadcast Corporation (新城電台) on 7th August 2019. She described her lifestyle was not considered healthy and said: “I love to eat especially oily, fried food and cold beverages. My husband, Ricky Fan (范振鋒) is healthier than me and drinks lots of fluid. 6 months ago, I had herpes and assumed I was bitten by a snake but it turned out that my immune system turned weak. It is very itchy and painful and realised it was herpes after seeing a doctor.” Charmaine had completely recovered and begun to focus on her health.

In addition, the singer, Chan Kayan (陳嘉茵) accepted an interview at the same radio station on 7th August. She expressed she looked forward to her second new song which was completing after her first solo song (火星文): “We are preparing for the completion. This time, there are two music producers for two songs and it takes a longer time. During my free time, I practise dancing everyday and even went to the dance studio room when visiting my father in America. I discover foreign dancers are less restricted when dancing and will try to improve in this area.”