14th August 2019 is known as the 14th day in hungry ghost festival. Earlier, Hong Kong Open TV (香港開電視) television presenter, Aiyana Lo (盧頌恩) had a location shooting at a refurbished cafe with more than 100 years history in Thailand, Bangkok and was suspected to see a spirit in the photo: “It is frightening and my hair is standing up.”

The travel writer, Akio Hong (項明生) and Aiyana hosted a tour show (明日世遺) together in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Myanmar and discovered it might become the remaining monument in the world. In one of the photos, there is a white figure besides Aiyana and we can hardly see the eyes and facial features. When the reporters checked with her, Aiyana said: “James helped me to take the photo and it is the hot spot for the attendance card at the cafe entrance. It is quite surprising to see something in the photo upon examining it closely.”

Aiyana revealed there was a story behind the cafe: “Thailand loves to refurbish old stuff and tries to protect the inner building such as the roof and ceiling at the same time. According to the lady boss, the worker saw the turntable rotated by itself during the renovation and I believe Thai people are used to it. Her friend had a “third eye”, checked the surrounding and told her there was a spirit living in the building but would not cause disturbance to her business. It is not really a sad ghost and stays in that pillar.”

As for the spirit, it was besides Aiyana whom felt shivering: “We sat in front of the pillar and the boss told me the spirit was besides me when asked about the exact pillar. I felt terrified and a cold shiver went down my spine immediately. It makes my hair stand upon seeing something in the photo too. The boss explained the spirit was harmless and loved to play around.” In addition during the filming in Myanmar, Aiyana stayed in a hotel which had more than 100 years history and felt frightening to stay in the hotel room located at a far end. Fortunately, the cameraman offered to swap the room with her and bought jade from the stall to ward off evil spirits.

Upon looking at the photos uploaded online, the reporters suspected it could be the lighting that caused a white figure to appear in the cafe. What do you think?

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190812/59920924