Him Law (羅仲謙), Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), Willie Wai (韋家雄), Sammi Cheung (張秀文) and Pinky Cheung (張文慈) tried out their role image for temporarily named drama (木棘証人) on 8th August 2019. After 3 years later, Him filmed TVB drama again and played a cop which was different from his past detective role. Suggesting him to get inspiration by reading the recent news, Him said: “No need to. I can design it by myself.”

Him expressed he returned to film TVB series again as he could work with highly respected actor, Willie: “My wife, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) worked together with Willie before but not me.” He added Tavia missed the period working in TVB and wanted to return with him but she was busy with shooting commercials and going for stage performances. She would not be filming drama as both had established consensus about their baby plan.

When asked if he planned to request for less action scenes in order not to affect his stamina for the baby plan, Him said: “I have confidence in my stamina and we are going to start our baby plan. I have been working in China frequently for the past 2 years and will be staying in Hong Kong to shoot drama for 6 months. I really wish to work together with my wife again but many people disapprove of the idea due to work conflict. Tavia is TV Queen and has good acting skills which can enhance my knowledge.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20190808/1565250219048/%e4%b8%8d%e4%bb%8b%e6%84%8f%e5%ad%96%e8%a6%96%e5%90%8e%e8%80%81%e5%a9%86%e5%90%88%e4%bd%9c%e6%8b%8d%e5%8a%87-%e7%be%85%e4%bb%b2%e8%ac%99%e7%95%99%e6%b8%af%e8%b7%9f%e6%a5%8a%e6%80%a1%e7%81%ab%e9%80%9f%e9%80%a0%e4%ba%ba