Adia Chan (陳松伶) and Sukie S (石詠莉) attended a music event (娛樂唱片六十週年) at Kowloon Bay on 9th August 2019. As it had been a long time since Adia had any updates in singing industry, she announced she would be holding a world tour concert and recording new songs: “It is not really related to money this time but making a contribution to the singing industry. I am currently busy with the stage play conducting in worldwide and it will last for 3 years. I will try to prepare my new album and world tour concert during this period of time.”

Adia expressed her husband, Zhang Duo (張鐸) accompanied her frequently despite having a busy work schedule: “We did not see each other for two months previously and it is unhealthy if we are separated too long. Hence, I decided two weeks is the longest and do not mind being his “servant” as long as we get to spend time together. I will boil soup and he will massage me when we are filming drama.”

As for Sukie, she hoped to work together with Adia and expressed her desire to become the guest at her world tour concert. When asked about her husband, Patrick Tang’s (鄧健泓) monetary support since her last album received satisfactory responses, Sukie said: “Only one and we are very poor working in the music line. Please give us more supports.” She added she was currently discussing about her solo concert with the company and would make an announcement later.