Jess Sum (沈卓盈) and Paula Wong (黃芳雯) recorded Hong Kong Open TV’s (香港開電視) show (30分鐘大放送) at Fanling on 9th August 2019. Jess demonstrated her culinary skills and the dish for summer: “I love cooking and receive compliments from my family. I did steal tips too and my husband cooks occasionally. I will normally cook at home for two to three days in a week.” She added she had interest in cooking since little and would try to invent her own recipes. After leaving TVB, Jess participated in the movie and hoped to try different areas such as shooting drama, advertisement and hosting show.

As for Paula, she was currently expecting for 5 months and disclosed the baby gender was a female. It was her second pregnancy and the estimated date of delivery was December 2019: “I might be celebrating Christmas in the hospital. My first pregnancy is a smooth delivery and hopefully it will be smooth again this time.I feel uncomfortable and nausea frequently. My son is 2 years and 5 months old and helps me to apply cream on my stomach. He is very thoughtful and chats to his sister.” She would be taking a break after giving birth and was uncertain about resuming her work.