Law Kar Ying (羅家英) and MIRROR group member, Edan Lui (呂爵安) hosted ViuTV show (臺灣文西Only You) together. They travelled to Taiwan for the shooting and were ordered to know the local girls and visit the famous attractions. As it was rare for Kar Ying to choose the girls, Kar Ying felt excited even before setting off and praised the culture and delicious food in Taiwan. When asked if he sought permission from his wife, Liza Wang (汪明荃), Kar Ying said: “I reckon it is better to tell her after wrapping up the shooting.” Mentioning about fighting for Taiwanese girls with Kar Ying, Edan replied he respected the elderly and said: “I will have the remaining girl after he makes the choice.”

In the first episode, both took the female guest to enjoy the hot spring together in Beitou District. When Edan asked Kar Ying about raising his hands all the time, Kar Ying said in Mandarin: “Because I am a gentleman and others will know I do not take advantage of the girl at all.” The female guest said: “Kar Ying is a very smart man!”