Lately, many Chinese artistes terminated the collaboration with international brand companies to protect their country, because of the way it addressed Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. As a member of the K-pop boy group Exo, Chinese star Lay Zhang (張藝興) announced the contract termination with Samsung (三星) on Weibo on 13th August, followed by the US brand, CALVIN KLEIN on the night before.

Through the media company, Lay said on Weibo: “After a consideration and stern conversation with the brand companies as the spokesperson, Lay Zhang decided to terminate the contract with Samsung as it was unclear about the situation. Since it is confused about my country’s territory, I have zero tolerance and it has hurt the citizens including me. Hence, I would like to make an official announcement to terminate the contract with Samsung.”

In addition, Lay is supposed to hold the concert at AsiaWorld-Expo (亞博館) on 17th August but the media company decided to cancel it on 12th August by explaining that nobody wished to see the current situation in Hong Kong. On 13th August, the organisation committee announced it would be issuing full refunds to people who bought the tickets and monitoring the updates if purchased from Cityline and AEG Promotion. As for the fans who bought the tickets by cash, they need to go to the headquarter of Cityline to complete the procedure from 28th August to 16th September.