Because of the 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill, many protests and demonstrations are ongoing and several artistes expressed their thoughts online. After supporting a deceased person who jumped down from the building to protest against the anti-extradition bill on 15th June 2019, singing diva Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) shared photo of “R.I.P.” on Instagram thereafter. Some netizens discovered she deleted the photo after several days. On 2nd July, Miriam used the same online account to urge the public and explained her account was hacked: “Recently, I realise my Facebook account is hacked and the relevant department is investigating. My account is currently suspended. Thank you.”

On 14th August, the media company emphasised its official Instagram account that Miriam had been following the law that Hong Kong was part of China and dismissed the accusations towards her supporting “Hong Kong Independence” (港獨): “Ms Miriam Yeung is loyal to China and Hong Kong all along and please stop the accusations towards her now. The company will reserve all the legal rights.”