Lately, Chinese star Yang Mi (楊冪) ended her cooperation with an Italian brand, Versace after a controversy exploded online over claims that its T-shirt design opposed the “One China” policy. Shortly after, Chinese supermodel Liu Wen (劉雯) also terminated the contract with Coach due to a similar issue. On 13th August 2019, another Chinese actress Jiang Shuying (江疏影) cancelled the collaboration with Swarovski (施華洛世奇) which was suspected to defy the “One China” policy through the media company. It becomes the hottest search on Weibo once the news is released.

The issue arises after some netizen noticed Swarovski listed Hong Kong as a country rather than a city on its website and the company posted a public apology on the official Weibo account immediately, after becoming a heated discussion. It explained they had 1000 websites in different countries and cities and promised to rectify the mistake quickly. Swarovski believed taking action was the best choice and helped to protect China’s sovereign and territorial integrity. It also apologised to its spokesperson, Shuying at the same time.

Despite an apology, but Shuying refused to accept it and was adamant to end the work cooperation with Swarovski. She expressed she would stick to the original principle: “I am definitely protecting my country’s sovereign and territorial integrity.”