Eliza Sam (岑麗香) and Mag Lam (林欣彤) sang songs and played games with their fans during an activity at a shopping mall in Causeway Bay on 10th August 2019. They took photos with superheroes soft toys as well.

Eliza disclosed it was tiring to take care of her 5 months old son, Jacob whom made her regained her body figure quickly. Fortunately, he had stopped drinking milk at night and she said: “He is chubby and weights 17 pound. I feel he is heavy when he weighs 7 pound once born and feel tired upon carrying him outside for an hour. Eliza added she continued to have deep passion in filming drama but would miss her son: “I feel happy whenever taking care of him but really must learn to let go. I want to continue shooting series and let’s wait until I cannot carry him one day.”

When asked if she felt envy of Eliza giving birth to a cute baby, Mag replied she was currently single and not prepared to become a mother. She planned to focus on her career: “I will be holding a musical concert in end 2019 and must protect my voice well. Hopefully everything will run smoothly.”

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