As CCTV (央視) launched the initiative, ‘The Five-starred Red Flag has 1.4 Billion flag guards’ (五星紅旗有14億護旗手) on Weibo earlier, Hong Kong singer Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) failed to participate due to holding a world tour concert in Mainland China currently. However, the media company emphasised her love for China and Hong Kong and supported the sovereignty and territorial integrality of China. At the same time on Weibo, Miriam posted a message: “I am born and grow up in Hong Kong. I love my hometown and country, China and believe tomorrow will be a better day.”

As such, Miriam’s move disappointed a big group of her Hong Kong fans and showed their dissatisfactions online immediately. They also damaged her albums and expressed they loved her since Miriam joined the industry. Her fans decided to boycott her drama, songs and concerts and even threw all her albums away. Many also questioned about her courage and reckoned that Miriam treated the Chinese citizens as her priority. Some fans said: Since the album, the wolf is coming (狼來了), we support you all the way and believe you are a straightforward and daring person, but we want to fight for our freedom as Hong Kong citizens and you are no longer the old Miriam Yeung and Hong Kong citizen. You have been our idol for more than 20 years and we feel very disappointed in you.”

Nevertheless, certain fans continued to support Miriam and believed she loved Hong Kong but she had no choice since holding the concert in Mainland China now.