Simon Yam (任達華) was attacked at a business event in Zhongshan last month. After making an appearance for the movie promotion at Guangzhou earlier, it was Simon’s first public appearance at Little Q (小Q) film activity in Hong Kong on 15th August 2019. His right arm remained covered in bandage but Simon appeared energetic and many guests showed concern for him. As there were 80 security guards protecting him in Guangzhou but the organisation committee only assigned 2 guards this time, Simon explained Hong Kong reporters were protecting him.

During an interview, Simon pointed the difficult period was over and would be moving forward. During this 3 weeks, his wife, Qi Qi (琦琦) and daughter lost weight due to taking care of him and it resembled to the love message conveying in the movie. He also thanked for the concern from everybody including Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie (安祖蓮娜祖莉) for the private text message.

Simon revealed he begun to undergo physiotherapy last week and it might took 6 to 9 months. When mentioned about promoting the film personally during his resting period, Simon explained he had deep love for the movie and his wife and friends kept boiling soup for him. His daughter loved to make dessert which made him gained weight as a result. He could not train at this time and the company told him to resume his work upon recovering to his best condition. However, Simon would continue to shoot advertisement as it only took 1 to 2 days to wrap up.

After this incident, Simon realised the importance of kinship and would try to spend more time with his family. When reminded about the concern from Angelina Jolie, Simon said: “I have thanked her. (Is Qi Qi worried?) Yes.” He added he intended to interact with the audiences and the security would be reinforced upon working in Mainland China in the future: “There is only love when we interact with each other. (Any phobia?) We must look forward.”