On 18th August 2019, many Hong Kong citizens received text messages from the police force and the content is: “The police force is making an announcement that there is a major scale event at Victoria Park (港島維園) in the afternoon. Please monitor the latest updates from the police website and media.”

On the same day, Cheuk Wan Chi (卓韻芝) had a text message from the police and forwarded it on Facebook. She showed her dissatisfaction and said: “Hong Kong Police Force, please save your efforts and are you trying to frighten us by sending a text message? Hinting that you are controlling the telecommunication? Not sending message? Releasing tear gas to kill the citizens? You should focus on your duty and stop playing with the telephone. #not affecting my beautiful day”

Subsequently, many netizens gave their supports and responded: “They failed to send text messages as reminder before releasing tear gas in the past. They are afraid of us going to Victoria Park and it is a waste of the tax money when sending per text message at $0.25. The government use dirty means which are worse than black triads when trying to control the protests.”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190818/59945702