Kenny Kwan (關智斌), Cherry Ngan (顏卓靈) and Michael Ning (白只) attended the worshipping ceremony of a new film (任性的你) on 13th August 2019. Kenny was currently filming movie and preparing for his upcoming concert next month. He revealed he rehearsed, trained, danced and restricted his diet everyday and suffered from gastric and felt dizzy as a result. Upon seeking treatment at the hospital, Kenny discovered he had low blood pressure and sugar and required to go for injection: “I assume I was determined but did not expect my immune system is weak.” He added he received a text message from his good friend, Joey Yung (容祖兒) for encouragement: “She said it is normal to encounter such situation when holding the concert for the first time and advised me to relax myself. Remaining healthy and happy are the most important on the stage.”

When mentioned about the concert tickets were sold out on 12th August, Kenny admitted he was shocked: “I did expect it slightly as the company did not sell it internally. I tried to buy it online but failed to and my colleagues only had more than 10 tickets. My relative wants to purchase 300 tickets from me and I need to check with the company.” Checking if he planned to invite Steven Cheung (張致恒) because of his scandal causing him to hold a solo concert, Kenny said: “It depends on his schedule. (Attending his wedding next month?) I am aware of it and it depends on his arrangement.”

Reminding about intimate scenes with Kenny in the film, Cherry replied she had established consensus with her boyfriend, Michael: “We are professional artistes and it is part of our job. He understands it after reading the script and there is nothing to worry especially when Kenny and I are good friends.” In addition because of her role, Cherry specially learned sign language and guitar.