Hungry Ghost Festival is held during the seventh month of the Chinese calendar. Moon Lau (劉佩玥) played the female lead in TVB drama, Our Unwinding Ethos (十二傳說) and believed the existence of god and devil in the world: “I have a clear conscience and not afraid of anything.”

When asked about her supernatural encounter, Moon said: “Upon entering into the hotel room, it had strong cigarette smell and I was forced to stay in that room as it was fully booked. I could hear it snoring when sleeping and told it loudly to stop the noise. I continued to sleep and nothing happened after that.”

Moon also revealed a foreign man tried to know her at an airport in Paris: “Two foreign men came over to chat to me once my friend went to the toilet. They asked for my contact details and I told them I had no Facebook account.” She explained she preferred to choose Asian man as her boyfriend as both could converse in Cantonese.