Wong He (王喜) and his cohabitation partner, Ming Jai (明仔) knew each other in 2015. Despite suffering from a terminal illness in 2016, Wong He continued to stand by Ming Jai’s side and bear the hefty medical expenses. Both were taken photo of eating in a restaurant together in July 2016.

According to a news source on 15th August 2019, Wong He had been staying at his flat in Mong Kok, Victory Avenue and bought a bucket and paper money home earlier. Although his loved one was gone, but Wong He continued to wear the ring on his left finger and remained devoted to Ming Jai for many years. Wong He was also pointed to stay at home frequently other than buying groceries outside.

When Wong He was filming drama at the time, Ming Jai visited him at the drama set and both were seen going out together. In 2008, they purchased a flat at $2 million but Ming Jai felt neglected and became close to another man when there was rumours of Wong He and TVB general manager, Stephen Chan (陳志雲) kept in close contact in 2011. Thus, Wong He confided to his friend and their relationship became more stable after that. Finally, he is considered a loyal man to announce his relationship when Ming Jai was terminally ill.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190815/59934771