51-year-old Marco Ngai (魏駿傑) married his wife, Zhang Lihua (張利華) who is younger than him by 19 years old in 2008 and have a 8-year-old daughter, Jessica. During their 11 years marriage, his wife was discovered to behave intimately with Hong Kong cyclist, Tang Wang Yip (鄧宏業) and travel to Europe and Southeast Asia alone frequently, without caring about her family 3 months ago.

After waiting downstairs at Marco’s flat in Sai Kung for many days, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) only saw Marco buying groceries and taking care of his daughter alone without Lihua. Hence, it is suspected that their marriage is flashing red lights.

In the afternoon a few days ago, Marco drove to the nearby club for training after leaving his flat in Sai Kung and went to the supermarket with his daughter in Sai Kung after several hours later. Jessica wore a baggy jacket and pushed the trolley while placing her arm over him. Marco wore a pair of slippers with sunglasses and bought vegetables, meat and toiletries. They also went to the food tasting counter and she told her father to buy it for her thereafter. Both returned to their house after 30 minutes later and it is obvious they have close bonding as father and daughter.

After several days later, the reporters discovered Marco wore similar clothes such as a grey top and black trousers with sunglasses to take Jessica out. He drove to a commercial building in To Kwa Wan and it turned out that Jessica was attending reading lessons over there. Subsequently, Marco went to a nearby cafe for an hour and chatted to the staff before fetching his daughter in the same building. Again after many days later, the reporters saw Marco bought takeaway home and Lihua was not around.

Because of the rumoured scandal between Wang Yip and Lihua 4 years ago, Marco purchased a luxurious mansion at Sai Kung in order to salvage his marriage and pacify his wife. During an opening ceremony of a restaurant invested by Marco and his friend in Sai Kung, Lihua and he kissed in front of the media and Marco also revealed he added her name in the title deed: “The mansion belongs to her now.” However, the sweet moment only lasted a short while and Lihua did not care about her family after that.

On 20th August 2019, when asked if he had marriage problems since he was seen buying groceries and taking care of his daughter alone, Marco said: “No reply. (Something happened?) My silence does not mean there is a problem. Sorry!”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190820/59946266