Hong Kong protests have been ongoing for the past 2 months. After CCTV (央視) launched the initiative, “protect the national flag” (我是護旗手), another campaign known as “protect Hong Kong” (接力守護香港) is started lately. Many Hong Kong artistes earning their income in China pledged their loyalties to their country and Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) posted a message about his love for the country on Weibo on 21st August 2019: “The recent happenings in Hong Kong are making everyone worried and upset. Hopefully the peace is restored quickly and I always feel I am a “second class” citizen before Hong Kong is returned to China. I realise British people are arrogant when pursuing my studies in England and finally able to see Hong Kong is returned to China. I am proud to be a Chinese citizen but many people are relocating because of the fear and I move to China instead. I stayed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun and Shenzhen previously and witnessed the huge developments in my noble country. The citizens’ lives are improving and I feel proud being a Chinese citizen.”

As for Lee Kwok Cheung (李國祥), he claimed to stay in Yuen Long and recalled the protest happened on 21st July: “The people wearing black tops were very violent and even sprayed water.” On 21st August, he made a comment related to a Chinese journalist, Fu Guohao (付國豪) from Global Times (環時) was beaten up in the airport on Weibo: “It is a mental torture upon looking at the social unrest in Hong Kong and there is nothing much we can do. It is ironic and let’s do some stuff. Honestly speaking, I feel ashamed when seeing the youngsters are behaving violently to the tourists in Hong Kong. I am totally speechless and would like to apologise to Mr Fu.” Subsequently, Kwok Cheung also replied to the netizens: “I apologise on behalf of the young generation in Hong Kong and it gives me a big headache. I feel totally helpless upon seeing the foolish youngsters creating social unrest in the country. It is extremely upsetting!” Ever wonder if Kwok Cheung can represent majority of Hong Kong citizens?

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190821/59956807