Wong He (王喜) knew Ming Jai (明仔) since 2015 and he suffered from a drastic weight loss due to a terminal illness. He continued to stand by his side and bear the hefty medical expenses.

According to a news source on 15th August 2019, Wong He and Ming Jai lived in a flat at Victory Avenue but his loved one was gone. The reporters took photos of him buying a bucket and joss sticks and Wong He remained loyal to his cohabitation partner and wore the ring on his left finger. He was also pointed to gain weight.

Based on understanding, Ming Jai is currently fighting against the illness. When mentioned about his loved one was gone, Wong He shared photo of himself swimming and clarified he was preparing to move to his new house and praying to the god on Facebook on 16th August.

Wong He created a title for the post, “overjoyed by the events and postal between yin and yang” (喜出望外之陰陽郵政) and explained: “This yin and yang postal service is suitable for the joyous occasion such as moving into the new house. I wish all the residents in Cheung Sha Wan live healthily and safely. Other than that, my good friend gave me a sports vest 20 years ago and it remains my favourite. I am praying to the god for my new house and it is unnecessary to change the current situation.” Apple Daily HK (蘋果) tried to contact Wong He but there was no response until now.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190816/59939704