Sukie S (石詠莉) expressed she would definitely bring an amulet for protection to participate in the stage play this time.

Sukie revealed she played two roles including a human being and spirit and the stage play was based on supernatural theme when promoting it at the radio station. She warned the audiences to remain calm as she had mood disorder and her role image as a spirit was frightening in the stage play.

Apparently, Sukie was scared whenever performing in the stage play in the past and would have supernatural encounter during the rehearsal. At the time, she stood at one corner on the stage and nobody was behind her but a very big force pushed her. Sukie was terrified and her whole face went pale: “I was hesitating initially and agreed to it as Edmond Poon (潘紹聰) is my friend for many years and my husband, Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) is the film director.”

Sukie emphasised she was timid and believed there were “friends” in the surrounding. When asked if she was sensitive to another world, Sukie replied she tended to experience tinnitus and the air and atmosphere were different. Thus, she would definitely take an amulet for protection whenever performing the stage play.

Lastly mentioning about the harassment by her fan, Sukie said: “I am fine now and do not wish to talk about it. This person is not important and I treat it as invisible.”